1. Don’t Be That Way
  2. Roll ‘Em
  3. Airmail Special (Good Enough To Keep)
  4. When Buddha Smiles
  5. I’m A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas
  6. Body & Soul
  7. One O’clock Jump
  8. Swingtime In The Rockies
  9. Seven Come Eleven
  10. Down South Camp Meeting
  11. Venus (from The Planets)
  12. Bugle Call Rag
  13. Sing Sing Sing
  14. Swingtime In The Rockies (Dance Competition Tempo)

Trumpets: George Hogg, Nathan Bray, Jim Davidson.
Trombones: Andy Flaxman, Callum Au.
Reeds: Peter Long (clarinet), Simon Marsh and John Shenoy (alto sax),.Robert Fowler and Bob McKay (tenor sax).
Rhythm Section: Colin Good / Robin Aspland (piano), Martin Wheatley (guitar), Anthony Kerr (vibraphone), Joe Pettit (bass), Richard Pite / Ed Richardson (drums).